Frequenty Asked Questions
FAQs - PayrollPlus

No, PayrollPlus is not free. We look to ensure that the price of PayrollPlus represents VALUE FOR MONEY. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, we can provide you a fully functional version of PayrollPlus that will limit the payrolls you can create after contacting us. Please do not hesitate to request a demo of the software.

Codeworks does not sell PayrollPlus with Annual Maintenance. In our try to implement a fairer way to charge our clients, the annual charges of PayrollPlus is done with Pay-Per-Use methodology. Pay-Per-Use methodology makes this cost variable for the organisation that uses the software. Please contact us for more details.

PayrollPlus can support from one (1) to unlimited number of Employees. Any organisation regardless of its size can use the software.

No, PayrollPlus is a Windows application. It is a server-client application where database is usually stored on the server and application runs on the client’s desktop.

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Yes, PayrollPlus is a multi-company software. Also, each user can be assigned with different/desired privileges in each company.

No, PayrollPlus supports only EURO at the moment. However, multicurrency support is scheduled for implementation soon.

Yes. PayrollPlus is capable to export accounting journal entries for popular accounting software. Even if the interface is not implemented with a specific accounting software, we develop the interface based to the specification provided from the accounting software developer.

Yes, PayrollPlus keeps records of employees’ vacations. Vacations are classified in several types as below:

  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Army Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Force Majeure Leave

Yes, PayrollPlus can create data backup with the press of a single button and store it on a desired location. In the future, there will be an option for remote backup of the data.

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