PayrollPlus is the result of more than a decade of experience of payroll preparation procedures and software development. It is a user friendly software developed with the latest technologies.


Every organisation, regardless of its size, requires human rersources management, either this is done by one person or by a whole department. Payroll preparation is a majority of HR management and can get complex enough. Codeworks Ltd develops PayrollPlus to fullfil your organisation payroll management needs.


PayrollPlus is a comprehensive payroll solution based on the Cyprus legislation. It is fast and very easy to use. At Codeworks Ltd we promise to help you minimise HR management procedures, automate and simplify the payroll preparation, with an affordable solution, PayrollPlus, that will also minimise your operating costs.


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Features and Benefits

Quick payroll preparation. Setup the software and let it do the calculations for you, keep your records and print reports.

Automated calculations. PayrollPlus will do the payroll calculations you need for Income Tax, Social Insurance, Provident Fund, Medical Fund, and Unions.

Net2Gross - Reverse Calculation. Calcuate employee payroll gross salary based to desired net payable amount. Watch the video

Configurable to fit your organisation. PayrollPlus can be configured to meet your needs. Several parameters will allow you to set the software as per your payroll demands. The software will adjust to your payroll needs, not you to the software.

Income Tax calculations have never been easier. Tax is calculated automatic. TD59 is completed where needed and all the calculations are done automatically for each payroll you run.

Secure the processes: User levels assignment available to prevent unauthorised access to your payroll data in PayrollPlus.

Unlimited Earnings, Deductions and Contributions. There is no limit on how many different records you can have. Create as many as you like and assign them to the employees you like. No limit to the records, no excess to what it is shown.

Intergation with accountings and banks: Accounting interface with popular accounting systems to save time and eliminate errors. Quick and easy export of your bank payments for online payments.

Intergation with Tax Departent and Social Insurances online services: TD7 form preparation in .xml format as per Taxisnet specifications (use of TD7Editor via PayrollPlus). Social Insurances monthly report export for online submission.  Watch the video

Employee Vacations: Tracking and reporting of the employees’ vacations for many different type of vacations (annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave, army leave, study leave, force majeure leave).

Employee Documents: Documents of any type regarding the employees (i.e. identity card, passport, yellow slip, pink slip, driving license etc.) with scanned images, expiry date, and expiration reminder date.

Employee Trainings: Trainings and certificates of the employees with scanned images, scores and evaluation.

Employee Loan Tracking: Tracking of employees’ loans has never been easier. PayrollPlus tracks loans given and establishes payment instalments (set it and forget it) for fulfilment of the loan.

Stay always up-to-date. All our clients are eligible to free update of the software. Our goal is to keep our clients satisfied, providing updates for all payroll related law regulations changes that affect our software modules, procedures, calculations or reports.


Software Editions

PayrollPlus is available in two different editions, Standard and Premium.



Multi-company support
Multi-User support
User Roles per company
Database Backup
Basic Salary (on hours worked)
Cost Of Leaving Adjustment (C.O.L.A)
Taxation (based on TD59)
Social insurance contributions
Provident fund contributions
Medical fund contributions
Union contributions
Net 2 Gross (reverse calculation)  
Project costing  
Employees details
Employments details
Employments TD59 forms
Employees bank details
Employees vacations
Employees documents
Employees trainings
Employees loans tracking
Branches, departments, subdepartments
Employees positions
Overtime rates
Shift rates
COLA percentage
Taxation deduction on 12, 13, or 14 payrolls
Payslips (printed or via email as .pdf)
Payroll analysis
Taxation (TD7, TD61, TD63)
Social insureance contributions
Payment analysis and bank payment instruction
Journal entry
Provident fund contributions
Medical fund contributions
Union contributions
Project costing
Tax exports (TD7) – with TD7Editor application
Bank payment instruction (.xml for SEPA)
Time & Attendance Hours Import
Journal entry
Social insurances


Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation with our payroll PayrollPlus solution.