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Our Work is to build Code. What we concentrate on is to develop software to manage human resources of organisations, either they are big ones or smaller.


In the fast growing market and demanding modern business environment, every organisation needs to find solutions to overcome the competition, to organise the procedures, to minimise the cost, and to save human resources and mantime. Using the latest technologies, our products aim to give solutions to all of those matters, emphasising on the human resources management.



Code working on PayrollPlus, a payroll solution that provides automation of your payroll procedures, we aim to minimise the operating costs of preparing payrolls, avoiding mistakes, be fast and accurate, and most of all always with the right information where you need it to be, in a user friendly environment.


TD7 Editor

Simplicity and productivity is always a demand. That is why we work on code to implement a fast and easy to use software, TD7 Editor. The software is suitable for any company that needs a tool to create TD7 (formerly known IR7) quickly, accurately, and correctly. TD7 Editor will create, print, and export the form as per the Cyprus Tax Department instructions and specifications.