About Us

Who we are

Codeworks Ltd established late in 2015 as a leading software development house of Human Resources Management software solutions. Although we are a new company, our staff brings over a decade of experience in H.R. management systems.

At Codeworks Ltd we specialise in the development of a payroll software system suitable to the needs of the organisations located in Cyprus, following Cypriot Regulations and Law. Researching the accountant's perspective, the user experience and the need for simplicity, we develop software that follows natural steps from inside a user friendly and modern looking environment.

As an enhancement to the capabilities of the software we added Human Resources Management modules to create a more comprehensive system that will fit better your organisation needs.


How we do it

At Codeworks Ltd, we start our day thinking of a how.

  • How to give a solution to an eveyday's problem.
  • How to make a solution better.
  • How to make it easier.
  • How to pefrorm faster.
  • How to be more flexible.

Every day is a new how and a new challenge. Yet, everyday is the day that we spend it on thinking on how to make our clients more productive and efficient, more confortable and happy with our software solutions and, where needed, how to provide highest quality and professional support. This is our goal which gives us a smile at the end of day and the motivation of the next day.