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Codeworks Ltd

At Codeworks Ltd we take small pieces of needs and we build software to fulfill requirements and demands, then we adapt the software to upcoming changes, new needs, trends and technologies. Finally, what is most important to us is making our clients happy providing support of highest quality.

In the modern business environment with fast changing requirements, we offer software solutions to support your business process and payroll procedures and human resources management. Let your organisation reduce operating costs while becoming leader in the highly competitive business environment.


Software Products

Codeworks Ltd specialises at the development of human resources management business solutions PayrollPlus and TD7 Editor. Our effort is to fulfil the needs of any organisation, minimising time spend on the management of the human resources, lowering costs, and simplifying the processes of following legal requirements.

PayrollPlus is a payroll solution that provides automation of your payroll procedures.  Read More

TD7 Editor is suitable for any organisation and gives the ability to create, modify, print, and finally export Cyprus Tax Department T.D. 7 form as per the given instructions and specifications.  Read More


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